The Palace

Feature Film

The Palace was written and directed by Anthony Maras. It is a short film set in Cyprus in 1974 about the Turkish invasion. When Anthony first called me about the film, I was delighted to be working in my birth land and to be telling a short story about the traumatic events that happened at the time. The film won many awards including the Sydney Film Festival prize for best short film.

Cyprus 1974. A Cypriot family flees invading Turkish forces and takes refuge in an abandoned Ottoman-era palace. When a young Turkish Cypriot conscript comes face to face with the family in hiding, he is forced to confront the brutal reality of war and his role in it.

Shot on location around the United Nations Green Line in Lefkosia, the world’s last divided capital city, The Palace brings together an international cast and crew including Erol Afsin, Tamer Arslan, Daphne Alexander, Christopher Greco and renowned Turkish-born actor Kevork Malikyan (Midnight Express, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade).

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